pondus release 0.6.0

I am happy to announce version 0.6.0 of pondus, your personal weight tracker. You can download it here and follow the installation instructions. This release includes the following changes:

  • The weight plot can be smoothed to filter out short-term fluctations and to emphasize the general trend of the weight (Thanks Stefano Maggiolo for the initial patch)
  • Add option to replace the date entry with a calendar widget in the add/edit dialog (Thanks Stefano Costa for the initial patch)
  • Use a spinbutton for entering the weight in the add/edit dialog
  • Fix visibility of edit-/quit-button in toolbar with recent versions of pygtk
  • Minor usability tweaks to the plot dialog
  • Add information about the used format to the xml-file to ease future conversions to new formats
  • Add Polish translation (Thanks Adam Piotrowicz)
  • Updated translations: de, fr